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So, where to rent in Stevenage? At Forge Yards, you can have it all. Our aspirational apartments are islands of calm in the sea of modern life. But we’re also at the centre of the buzz and excitement of town centre living – fashion, films and fancy cocktails.

And, if you crave the great outdoors, the rolling North Herts countryside is on your doorstep too. See: you can have it all at Forge Yards. Make yours a life that you want to lead.

Welcome To The Town
‘That Aimed For Utopia’

The bricks and mortar that shaped Stevenage New Town were built on a Utopian vision for what life should be like. In the late 1940s, The New Town of Stevenage asked: “Can towns be built in which all kinds of people can live and work together happily and productively? Towns with plenty of shops and cinemas, health centres and schools, but in a setting where the trees and fields of the countryside are never far away?”

Stevenage was the first to answer “yes”.

Now, here we are at Forge Yards – part of a multi-million pound refresh of a town that set a gold standard in urban planning. From humble roots as a small farming town, Stevenage launched a new era; created a brighter future for those who came to live here. Miles of cycle ways, parklands, car-free shopping zones and pioneering businesses helped put our town on the map. Now, it’s time to bring it back to its former glory and shine again.

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Make Light Work Of
Getting To & From Work

Stevenage is home to some of the most dynamic and incredible places to work – not just in the UK, but in the whole world. At Forge Yards, we want to do our bit to help you be a part of it. If you’re searching for a place to live and want to know where to rent in Stevenage, start here.

Our homes are making your miserable commute a thing of the past. Get there on foot, on bike or by public transport. It couldn’t be easier from your front door.

Local businesses commuting times

14 mins(0.6 miles)
4 mins(0.7 miles)
Airbus Defence and Space
14 mins(0.7 miles)
5 mins(0.9 miles)
Aeroflex Test Equipment Services
16 mins(0.7 miles)
4 mins(0.8 miles)
The Wine Society
19 mins(0.9 miles)
6 mins(1 mile)
AVC Group
19 mins(0.9 miles)
7 mins(1.1 miles)
20 mins(0.9 miles)
7 mins(1.2 miles)
22 mins(1 mile)
7 mins(1.2 miles)
Beattie Brothers
23 mins(1.1 miles)
6 mins(1.2 miles)
Initial Hygiene
25 mins(1.2 miles)
6 mins(1.3 miles)
31 mins(1.5 miles)
8 mins(1.6 miles)
Glaxo SmithKline
31 mins(1.5 miles)
9 mins(1.7 miles)
Stevenage Bioscience Catalyst
31 mins(1.6 miles)
9 mins(1.7 miles)
Lister Hospital NHS
34 mins(1.7 miles)
13 mins(2 miles)
54 mins(2.7 miles)
17 mins(2.8 miles)

*All times are approximate